The Brands


Born in Cyprus, Aphrodite’s birthplace, Sister curates and designs jewellery and ceramics from the island, supporting the local craftsmanship and breathing life back into century-old, artisan trades.
Sister was created in 2018 by Antonia, a Cypriot designer, now living in Berlin.
Having been abroad for years, she felt the need to creatively reconnect with her birthplace and to rekindle her fascination for Cypriot heritage, the traditions and the enchanting stories that are passed on through the generations.
In 2020, Despoina from Crete joined the team as our first employee and our in-house jewellery designer. Together, we enjoy celebrating our Cypriot and Greek culture through jewellery, good food and laughter.

Garden State Candles

We are Garden State Candles. Founded in 2017 by Maya Sriqui, each dreamy fragrance is inspired by nature and travel, moments, and memories. We make our candles in our Berlin atelier using sustainable soy wax and phthalate-free perfume oils infused with essential oils. We pride ourselves on our meticulous craftsmanship, ethical production, and accessible prices.

Maya also hosts creative workshops for all ages, including scented candle making, bouquet making and more.


Unione was created by Karlla and Kamille to promote a sustainable lifestyle by providing a holistic approach to producing and consuming beauty products.

Through well-researched and tested formulas, Unione Team sells natural and vegan skin/hair care products and candles.
They exclusively use natural ingredients and, although they use artisanal methods, They are continuously refining their production processes and exploring new innovative ways of manufacturing.
The team test their products rigorously on themselves (never on animals).

Unione products are produced by demand, so that everything that they sell is as fresh as possible.


Times have changed for popeia. Ciao fast fashion, exaggerated designs and synthetic materials! Because it felt like we prefer to reach for the basics on 360/365 days. But in search of quality basics that not only look cool but are also comfortable to wear after wash #1, Anna and Sara found what they were looking for at most times in the men’s department.

Starting with a sock, “popeia” offers a high-quality alternative of the most important everyday companions, like shirts or socks, made of natural materials and in casual cuts and colors. The basics are made in Portugal and Germany. Current bestsellers: colorful beanies & scarves made of soft, mulesing-free merino wool.

Inspired by the strong sailor “popeye”, popeia also stands for empathy, because with every order a fresh pair of socks is donated to women’s shelters in Germany, where there is a lack of these everyday basics.

Project Três

After graduating as a fashion designer, Project Três founder Carla Maria de Souza worked for more than six years at some of Brazil’s top fashion brands. As she moved up in the fashion industry, by the age of 23, she began to realize its limitations, especially those related to social and environmental sustainability. Carla gave up her stable career and took a sabbatical year in California.

While traveling on a journey towards empowerment to heal the wounds left by domestic violence experienced in her childhood, Carla felt a need to share her story and inspire people to overcome their struggles and traumas.

Using her skills, she wanted to transform fashion into a path of empowerment, in a sustainable, fair, and ethical way. She wanted to start a movement. Project Três was born.
In 2015 she packed all her dreams and moved to India to immerse herself in the local culture.

Project Três’ story began when Carla met Farida, the first woman to join her in India.


Romy and Kimi are two moms with an idea and the drive to turn it into reality. More than a year ago we had the idea to produce sustainable nursing pads.

Since then, they have been working on designs, researching sustainable materials, looking for the right production site and dealing with topics around sustainable packaging.

Before they became mamas, they devoted themselves to completely different passions.
Kimi was a professional creative concept manager and freelance illustrator and Romy was dedicated to her profession as a social pedagogue and criminologist.

With the production of the sustainable and social nursing pads they combine their superpowers and do what they enjoy.


The brand is a hidden homage to Marianne, who is behind the brand’s great recipes and products. In the 90s, she started making the first natural-based ointments and soaps alone in her kitchen. Her motivation was a skin disease, perioal dermatitis of Sabine, her daughter. Conventional care products did not alleviate the problems, so Marianne, a trained nurse, developed her own products.

In 2020, Marianne and Sabine founded MARI & ANNE together to offer you and your skin natural products without a lot of fuss & to create a visible place for Marina in their midst. A central ingredient of our care products is the oil from the seeds of grapes grown in Franconia. Because the seed is also important to us in a metaphorical sense, you support our vision of promoting presence for people with disabilities with every product you buy.

Wild Woman Underwear

I am Regina, the founder of wild woman underwear. At some point I got tired of wearing bad underwear.

That’s why I started an underwear brand that women can feel comfortable with. I design the underwear and the prototypes & production is done in a women-owned family business in Portugal.

Before that, I worked as a management consultant for 5 years. The idea of creating beautiful and comfortable underwear stuck with me. So I started working on the idea during my parental leave. In the meantime, wild woman underwear is live and I couldn’t be prouder!