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Brazilian Slip HALLY


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Uniquely comfortable & sexy

The HALLY Brazilian panties are the perfect combination of soft Italian lace and soft TENCEL Lyocell. HALLY feels uniquely comfortable and hugs your body like a second skin. The panties effortlessly enhance your bottom without pinching, constricting or uncomfortably squeezing. Smart crotch for the comfort of your vulva.

5 Love Facts:
  • Back completely made of soft Italian lace with fine stitching
  • Perfect combination of thong & slip.
  • Medium waist line
  • Made from Italian lace and our smooth TENCEL Lyocell
  • Extended crotch with anti-bacterial and anti-odour effect

Not sure about your size? Here you can find our size chart.

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Fabric: 94% TENCEL Lyocell & 6% elastane

Fabric (gusset): 80% TENCEL Lyocell & 20% Smartcel*.

*Note: Unsuitable for people suffering from allergies* of zinc.v


It is best to wash your underwear at 30-40°.
The underwear is not suitable for the dryer.

What makes HALLY special?
1. high quality material

HALLY Brazilian panties are made of TENCEL Lyocell, a particularly high-quality material that is ideal for underwear.

TENCEL Lyocell is buttery soft and feels incredibly gentle on the skin. Compared to conventional cotton, it retains its softness even after many washes.

TENCEL Lyocell is extremely breathable as it absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton. This keeps the skin dry and pleasantly cool, especially during heavy perspiration. In addition, the efficient moisture absorption favours reduced bacteria formation. Compared to polyester and other synthetic fibers such as polyamide, nylon or microfibers, less moisture remains, which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

TENCEL Lyocell is colourfast and does not fade even after repeated washing. So you can count on long-lasting colours and quality.

2. outstanding workmanship

Our underwear is made in a specialised, family-run manufactory in Portugal. There, we place great importance on clean and precise seams, without rough edges or loose threads. The result is underwear that keeps its shape, is hard-wearing and durable – so you can enjoy your underwear for as long as possible.

We have a great love for details. The seams of the Brazilian panties HALLY are especially flat and finely finished so that nothing shows under tight-fitting clothing. At the same time, the slip hugs your bottom comfortably without slipping. There are no scratchy and annoying labels, because we print the washing and care instructions directly on the material. We go all out for your comfort and maximum wearing comfort.

Fitting & Comfort
Our top priority is a great fit that adapts to your needs. Our underwear is designed to accentuate the natural curves of your body and eliminate uncomfortable rubbing or painful irritation from your everyday life.

To lovingly protect your vulva, the gusset, the part of the fabric on your vulva, is cut slightly wider and longer than conventional underwear. So you can be sure that nothing pinches or constricts. In addition, the generously cut gusset ensures that your discharge is reliably collected and does not end up in your clothes. For maximum comfort, the gusset is made from TENCEL Lyocell and Smartcel, which has a high anti-bacterial and anti-odour effect.

The HALLY Brazilian panties nestle comfortably close to your skin. Thanks to the flat seams and fine workmanship, the panties leave hardly any traces. This gives you a comfortable feeling all day long without constant slipping, constricting or rubbing. Thanks to the elastic properties of the material, the briefs fit perfectly to your body shape and retain their shape and elasticity.

Whether you wear tight clothes, are active all day or relax at home, you won’t notice the HALLY Brazilian panties.

We only use certified materials that are free from harmful substances and hazardous chemicals. TENCEL Lyocell, which we use for our MARGO Brazilian briefs, is obtained from the renewable raw material wood and produced in a particularly environmentally friendly process. We take great care to ensure that our materials meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Find out more about the advantages of TENCEL here.

About the Brand
Wild Woman Underwear

I am Regina, the founder of wild woman underwear. At some point I got tired of wearing bad underwear.

That’s why I started an underwear brand that women can feel comfortable with. I design the underwear and the prototypes & production is done in a women-owned family business in Portugal.

Before that, I worked as a management consultant for 5 years. The idea of creating beautiful and comfortable underwear stuck with me. So I started working on the idea during my parental leave. In the meantime, wild woman underwear is live and I couldn’t be proud!

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Kiwi – S, Coconut – M, Mango – L, Watermelon – XL, Peach – XXL


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