Dip Dye Stick Candle – Lavender/ Gelb Combo


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Bring candlelight into your apartment with this strong color combo to make your space extra cosy.

100% stearin

19 x 2,2 cm

Burn time approx. 8 hours

Watch out for drafts and never leave your candle burning unattended.

Please also note that each candle is unique and therefore they can be all different.

About the Brand

The warm light of candles is indispensable in my apartment, everywhere and at all times to find. I find hardly anything else can give rooms the deep calm that comes from a gently swaying candle flame.

I try to transfer this feeling of a burning candle into its shape and color. I believe it deserves a more beautiful garb and hope to share with you the joy I have in candlelight and crafting with candles.

This desire has from originally a fixed idea this page emerged, on which you can find not only candles, but also candle holders, because every beautiful candle needs as I think a nice snug.

My husband and I make all this where our candles burn at any time, in our own little haven of peace in the middle of Berlin. By the way, from him I also got my name, with which today the entire Russian part of my family greets me.



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1 Candle, 3 Candles as a Set


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