Washable Nursing Pads – Free the Nipples


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Mother milk – boobs milk – the milk that nourishes our children! That makes them grow big and strong. The true golden milk!

Our 11 cm large, milk-tight nursing pads are made of shell-soft organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA)
The 3-layer nursing pads are made exclusively from sustainable materials fair in Europe.
For each sold pair we donate 50ct to the association Schatten und Licht e.V.

Give yourself and other mamas good vibes and let the boobs jump!
Only the best for you, Mama Earth and for other mamas!

About the Brand:


Romy and Kimi are two moms with an idea and the drive to turn it into reality. More than a year ago we had the idea to produce sustainable nursing pads. Since then, they have been working on designs, researching sustainable materials, looking for the right production site and dealing with topics around sustainable packaging. Before they became mamas, they devoted themselves to completely different passions.
Kimi was a professional creative concept manager and freelance illustrator and Romy was dedicated to her profession as a social pedagogue and criminologist.
With the production of the sustainable and social nursing pads they combine their superpowers and do what they enjoy.

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