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– Intensively nourishing and moisturizing
– Anti-inflammatory
– Effective against skin aging
– For dry hair ends and lips

100% natural, cold pressed 30 ml

The solution for dry and irritated skin ▷ Mono Baobab Oil intensively nourishes and binds moisture for lasting soft, supple and smooth skin. Our MONO BAOBAB OIL can also be wonderfully mixed with our popular FACE CREAM SERUM. The skin oil additionally protects the skin from dehydration and harmful environmental influences and wraps it up like a cocoon. At the same time, MONO BAOBAB OIL is absorbed quickly and leaves no unsightly shine, but a natural, silky glow. It is also ideal for treating barrier-disrupted skin (rosacea, dermatitis, neurodermatitis), dry hair ends or itchy scalp. The high content of antioxidants in our facial oil promotes the collagen production of your skin and thus reduces the visible signs of aging. The active oil improves skin tightening, relieves signs of fatigue around the eyes and reduces wrinkles. Bags under the eyes and a clearly pronounced nasolabial fold can be reduced. Our baobab oil is therefore not only applicable as anti-aging prevention, but it is also a real anti-aging miracle cure for mature skin.

How to apply

FACE: Massage a few drops of oil with circular movements, into the still damp (very important) skin. Then, if necessary, apply Cream Serum. You can also mix the Cream Serum directly with the oil and apply to the still slightly damp skin. If you use additional serums such as Hyaluron or Vitamin C, then apply the oil afterwards to the skin moistened by the serum.

ACNE AND PIMPS: For acne and pimples, apply a small amount of Baobab oil on the affected area. This helps to relieve inflammation and prevent discoloration of the skin and scarring.

SUN PROTECTION: Harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your skin. Baobab oil contains vitamin E, which absorbs UV rays and reduces UV-induced free radical damage to your skin. You can add a few drops of baobab oil to your sunscreen to increase protection.

NAIL CARE: Baobab is an excellent nail care oil for cracked nails and brittle cuticles. As a toe nail oil, it can help prevent fungal infections.

SPOTS, CRACKED LIPS, SORTS AND SCARS: Put a few drops of oil on the sores or cracked lips and be surprised how quickly the Baobab oil heals your skin and redness disappears, making your lips velvety soft and fuller. The ideal lip plumping effect. There is hardly a better SOS Balm.

HAIR: Dry, split and straw hair can be re-moisturized and nourished with Baobab oil. It is a rather light oil and does not make the hair appear greasy or heavy. A few drops are enough to massage it into the dry ends. As a hair mask overnight, it can penetrate even better into the tips. >It is also perfect as a scalp oil for itchy, inflamed scalp.

SHAVING AND BEARD: Baobab oil soothes redness after shaving. Best used together with our Calming Toner on still damp skin. Excellent as a beard oil.

CELLULITE AND STRETCH MARKS: Stretch marks that are already present are scars and as such cannot be easily removed. However, if they are still reddish (in the early stages), baobab oil helps prevent them from turning white. It is traditionally very popular during pregnancy and while breastfeeding to prevent stretch marks on the abdomen and chest. Treat yourself, especially during this time.

HEALING (TATOOS AND SCARS): Apply the oil thinly several times on the areas to be treated, for a faster healing process and less pronounced scarring of burns. Best applied after treatment with our Calming Toner.

SKIN DISEASES: such as neurodermatitis, acne or eczema: Apply a few drops of oil on the affected area. Best after applying our Calming Toner.

FUNGAL INFECTIONS AND INTIMAL CARE: For candida fungal infections and intimate dryness, the oil can provide quick relief.V

Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Seed Oil, 100% natural baobab oil from the seeds mechanically cold pressed.

Ecocert, fair-wild certified, vegan, cruelty free.

ORIGIN: Southeast Africa from wild collection. Through the cooperation of our manufacturer (a female-led family business) on site with village communities, the income of the women living there is improved and reforestation initiated.

*fair, wild, organic  **kbA (kontrolliert biologischer Anbau)

About the Brand


At 1KOMMA8 you only get vegan products. The products are not tested on animals and do not contain any palm oil-based ingredients. They focus on meaningful business relationships with other entrepreneurs, female founders and family businesses.

With 1 KOMMA 8, dermatologically based research meets natural and fresh ingredients. Compatible for your skin and for the environment. Our principles are:

Ocean friendly, dermatologically tested, fresh and natural, made in Germany.


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